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Topic - Laptop or tablet for viewing photos and movies 'in the field'

Oujmik - on 03 May 2013
I enjoy taking pictures whilst out and about (Nikon RAW), and recently I've started shooting a bit of video in AVCHD format. I have a Samsung NC10 that I take with me to view photos and browse the net for weather forecasts etc. but it isn't up to the task of 1080p AVCHD playback, it just glitches completely. Can't even get it to convert it in slowtime for playback in a less demanding lower res format.

So... I either live with this annoyance or look at some new hardware. Assuming I go for the latter then I guess I've got a few options.

Cheapo (but probably heavy and unpleasant) windows laptop
Mid range nicer Windows laptop
Low end (but high price) Apple laptop

Tablet of some kind... Nexus 7 though to latest iPad.

I really don't enjoy using Windows, but I'd probably put up with it for a cheap, lighweight solution (like I have with the NC10). I also don't enjoy carting a huge heavy latop around. So that leaves me favouring an Apple laptop or a tablet. I can't really jusify the cash for a Macbook (although I could try to justify it by using it as a work laptop, but I get given one of those for free anyway...)

So, that leaves tablets. I can;t get a clear answer on whether the Nexus 7 could handle may demands, but equally I'm not sure even the top iPad can handle AVCHD direct from an SD card flawlessly. Any experience or tips?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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