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OneLifeOneHeart - on 05 May 2013
I went swimming yesterday and this morning I woke up with a thumping pain in my neck and upper spine. I have had unidentified back problems for years (possibly posture-related) and yesterday followed a common suggestion by many to try swimming.

I don't really care about the pain. I have lived with it for years and the only thing that changes is that it's always in a different place of the spine or body depending on which new sport I tried... I want to solve this problem once and for all. I want to be strong and fit. I am fed up with getting some problem each time I try to do some physical activity.

I was searching for a good sports injury place to ask for advice here in London, but there seem to be hundreds and I don't really know where to start, especially as they all seem to cost.
Do you have any suggestions?

And no, I cannot wait for the GP or those white-cloaked b***ards at the NHS. I hate them as hell. They have such a distorted view of what is "urgent"... I am patient no more.

I want to call now and go now (latest tomorrow).

Thanks for listening, sorry for rant, but I want to be cured, not fooled around with.
OneLifeOneHeart - on 05 May 2013
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart:
I re-read some of my older posts... I realize I can come across as quite rantful, but please understand me: I am living with pain every day and at the same time trying to live in a fit and healthy way.

Please understand that the pain causes lots of anxiety as well. I don't take pain killers as I don't see them as something that treats the source of the problem but only the symptom.

My anxiety is that if I don't get cured as soon as possible, things in my body will keep getting worse.

Why I havent found anything else so far? I am quite busy outside sports. I work more than 14-15 hours a day in the office.
During weekends I try to stay fit.

But each time I try something new... it feels great WHILE I do it. But the next day I feel incredible pains.

Please, please, please, please, please help me find someone who will help me.
OneLifeOneHeart - on 05 May 2013
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart:
For your info, I did take pain killers every day at the very beginning, and I was told that that can also cause trouble, i.e. pain killers ARE unhealthy for the rest of the body, if taken long term.
vark - on 05 May 2013
In reply to OneLifeOneHeart:
From this and your other posts I would suggest the underlying cause is a combination of anxiety/depression and little idea how to exercise.

Yours sincerely

A white- cloaked NHS b@st@rd

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