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Topic - What is happening to the bouldering world?

Tony Simpson - on 08 May 2013
A month or so ago a few new boulders sprang up in the pleasly area of Mansfield.
Great some one else cleaning up the mag lime (saves me doing it all the time) but what the hell are these guys playing at.

I have visited all the areas they have put up on here and even told them about one of my own forgotten secrets ( wish I hadn't ).

Anyway these venues have been very well cleaned but then the climbers appear to be climbing with mud boots (only way I can explain it), by this I mean all (yes all) the foot holds used on each crag are just covered in sh*t. Then to make things worse this was left on one boulder for all to see, and posted as a topo on here.

Now in the forgotten quarry I told them about the same is happening, we have a set of problems on one wall all numbered up fro 1 - 12 even with SDS by the side of some of the numbers to denote a sit start.

W T F is this all about boys?

I have asked you respectfully through private messages to use a bouldering mat or a towel, and have also asked you to take down the images of the chalk lines and numbered problems, this after having to wash them off the rock where you left them.

Now you are upto the same tricks again why? If you know Robert Oakton or his freind Mark can you please have words, this is not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated.

I know you want your own bit of fame and glory in the climbing world ( Marks own words) and this is certainly going the right direction to get you that. Is bouldering taking a huge step backwards?

Oh and if you want to massage your own ego please go and have a look at there problems all the problems are vastly over graded, that's if you can figure out what they have done.

Tony Simpson

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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