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Topic - Sun, mood & deciding whether to live abroad

ksjs - on 13 May 2013
Short version:

Good weather makes me feel really good and everything, especially climbing, more possible. After 3 days of beautiful weather last week it's reverted to type. It's just going to be another frustrating summer. I'm tired of thinking about it.

Is living in France or Spain the answer?

Longer version:

So, a pretty cliched subject but 2 things have brought this to the fore for me:

1. An extended winter which, despite considerable effort, saw me climb in the sun last week not wrapped up for the first time this year. I wasn't ecstatic, just deeply appreciative. My mood, perspective and balance were all significantly enhanced.

2. The thought, which I've probably had since last year's washout, that I can't take another year of duff weather. We had 3 gorgeous days from Sun - Tue and then it's just been ming with cold, wet, windy and grey the standard. The short-term forecast doesn't offer much sign of respite. Is this going to be another repeat of last year?

No doubt plenty of people will think / say stuff along the lines of "There's usually dry rock somewhere." or "Plenty of people manage to get out and get stuff done." and there's some truth in this. The truth for me however is that it just shouldn't be that much work. I want to be able to have some reasonable level of expectation that I can regularly get out and climb. I moved to North Wales 3 years ago to climb. There seems little point in being here if I can't do the thing I came here for.

It's not just about the climbing, it's about a sense of general wellbeing and facility for getting stuff done. People are happier, things look better and everything feels more possible with the sun about. It is this sort of feeling that is causing me to question my future in the UK.

I am totally aware that we may all at times think the grass is greener, a trap I want to avoid. The reality however feels like I maybe face a fairly stark choice between the rest of my life spent grabbing the odd dry day here and there, having to drop everything the minute the sun comes out, pining for better weather and letting weather affect my mood or something much easier and more natural i.e. none of the above, knowing there's a good chance I can enjoy a glass of wine sat outside on warm evenings, knowing I can express my climbing to its fullest as I'm not starved of days on something by weather and the sense of timelessness that sun seems to bring.

I'm wondering are there people on here who've made a move abroad for similar reasons to what I'm describing, did it work out or did you come back? Are there those who thought about it but didn't go and then regretted it? Am I na´ve to think that good weather is the answer? I'm also wondering was I just na´ve about the weather in North Wales when we decided to move here (Tim Emmett who doesn't seem short of inspiration or drive says in Welsh Connections that he had to leave as he just couldn't take it)? That said I look at the forecast for the UK as a whole and it's not like many places are doing much better.

I recognise in all of this that good weather may only have the effect it does because it is infrequent i.e. if it was every day it's lustre would soon wane. Equally, there are many practical aspects to living abroad that I haven't fully thought about yet would have major implications.

It's too early to write off summer 2013 but if it continues as is I will struggle to banish serious consideration of what life elsewhere might be like. I know the great days are great but I don't want my life to be on hold.

Any thoughts, suggestions or inspiration much appreciated.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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