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Topic - Climb mag 100 lists

Have other UKCers got their 100th issue of Climb yet? It has the 100 best climbs in Britain in it and 100 most important people in UK climbing of the last 50 years - the type of lists that are designed to be argued over!

Did anyone think some person or some route had been missed out? My copy hasn't arrived yet, so I've only seen an electronic version of the people list. I always used to moan that OTE (being Sheffield mafia an all that) never knew anything about Scottish winter, so got most of the way through this list thinking "oh no, they're going to forget Nisbet", but he's there at no.82. I guess Climb editor Ian is huge Scottish winter fan, so that accounts for there being plenty of Scottish winter activist in there too. Simon Richardson doesn't get in though and I suspect that he has much a claim to regional fame as someone like Pete Oxley who is in (and "Scottish winter" is maybe the biggest 'region'!). I'm sure there will be other climbers linked mainly to one area who have been missed out. UKC Alan gets in, but only for Rockfax - not UKC. Very 'old media'. ;-)

I've only seen the first 7 of the routes list ( ) anything obvious missing out the next 93? :)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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