/ Evolv Valours or 5.10 Stonelands?

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dougp87 - on 29 May 2013
I'm looking for a new all day climbing shoe. I second up to about UK 5b and quite like a realtively stiff sole. I've narrowed it down to the new Evolv Valours or 5.10 Stonelands VCS but can't find too much info.

Anyone had any experience with these?

What is the sizing like? Valours compared to pontas or stonelands compared to anasazi.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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I never had 'Sazis but I had to go up a good 1.5 UK sizes in the Stonelands when we got them in (I'm usually about an 8.5 in something like a Bandit and a 10 in the Stonelands was about right). The Valor is built on exactly the same last as the Defy but with a much stiffer sole.

I would say the Stonelands have the technical edge, but the Valors beat them on price and probably comfort.

How do you get on with the 5.10 heel?
dougp87 - on 29 May 2013
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Thanks for that.

I quite liked the heel in the 'sazis but I've only had one pair. I think I bought them slightly too big though as they were pretty loose in the end.

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If you're a 5.10 heel fan I'd probably go for the Stonelands, and base the size on the 'Sazis you had. They're a real leather upper so remember they'll give a little.

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