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Wiley Coyote - on 16 Jun 2013
Mrs C, a relative novice, comfortable at 5 and having seconded the odd 6a is keen to go to Kalymnos after hearing me rave about it. I've no guide to hand, despite having been 3 times. Are there enough routes of her grade to keep her happy for 10-14 days? Anyone been with a clilmber of that grade?
Trevor Langhorne on 16 Jun 2013
In reply to Wiley Coyote:

Yes there will be loads in the 5 area for Mrs C to do keep her occupied for a couple of weeks without having to try a 6. Get the flights booked!
carl dawson - on 17 Jun 2013
And, equally, they are NOT just some rubbish little things, tucked into the choss at the corner of the crag. Virtually all are quality routes. So yes, get the flights booked; Mrs C will be delighted with the rest of the island too; beaches, castles, friendly little bars, Vendetta the frock emporium in Pothia (tongue in cheek maybe, but Ruth always ends up there at some point!), mountain walking, snorkelling, boat trips etc etc. Mrs C will be dragging you back, year after year. Have a great time.
Skyfall - on 17 Jun 2013
In reply to Wiley Coyote:

Yes easily and would agree with previous comment re still being high quality
southern sam on 17 Jun 2013
In reply to Wiley Coyote:

As everybody else has said, there's lots of high quality routes in the 5's, depending on how recent your guide is there may be more than listed. Development doesn't seem limited to high grade routes. The easier routes are also really well bolted, unlike some work pram destinations which I've been to. Given that you may find your other half happy to get on some 6A's, my ex did when we went out there.
Wiley Coyote - on 17 Jun 2013
In reply to Wiley Coyote:

Thanks all for the info. That tallies with my memory but I wasn't really taking much notice around that grade on my previous trips. Much appreciated. Mrs C says thanks too.
In reply to Wiley Coyote:

I have done over 500 different routes on Kaly, the vast majority of those being 6b and under. All but a tiny minority were great! A lot of the better stuff is round at Arginonda and beyond or over on Telendos, rather then on the crags above Masouri. Enjoy!

Simon Caldwell - on 17 Jun 2013
In reply to Wiley Coyote:
We were there for 10 days and barely scratched the surface. It's mostly overgraded as well (I usually only climb 5+ but was leading 6a on day 1).
In reply to Wiley Coyote: I've just had two weeks there with my wife who had not climbed for three years due to various injuries. We climbed nothing harder than 6a/6a+ and few of those and were never short of easy routes to do. The latest guide is great and there are further new crags, many with easy routes (details available from the Glaros Bar).

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