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Topic - Overtaking cyclists

shaymarriott - on 17 Jun 2013
I am not talking about a car overtaking a cyclist - I refer instead to cyclists overtaking cars during traffic, at speeds significantly faster than the traffic is moving.

The other day I was leaving work, and attempting to turn right at a T-junction. At the junction you can see quite a way right, and approximately 50 metres right. Traffic coming down the hill (the way I wasned to turn) was heavy and travelling at very slow speed due to traffic lights further down.

The road to the right was clear, and a bus came from the left into my vision. The bus driver saw that I was wanting to turn the same way he was driving, and flashed his lights to let me go. I started forwards, but at the last second a cyclist came from round the bend whizzing down the hill at approximately 25 or 30mph at full pelt. I was already half way out into the junction at this point, and immediately slammed the brakes on. As I was travelling so slowly I stopped instantly.

The cyclist made a real point of swerving to avoid me (he had no significant need to) and as he continued off he flipped me the bird.

Now The nature of the traffic was that it was very slow. The bus had allowed me out ahead of it, and I was slowly making that maneuver. The cyclist was certainly travelling within the speed limit, but far faster than the surrounding traffic.

Now I have no problem with cyclists, I am a considerate driver, and I cycle myself. I know first hand what its like to have a car driver behave like a bellend simply because they resent you and your bike. But here it seems like a cyclist put himself in danger by travelling so fast in slow traffic, whilst not really breaking the law.

What would you have done in my situation? Or in the cyclist's? (For the record, if I were the cyclist I would have been travelling more slowly, and in my situation as the driver I let the cyclist go without reacting badly to him). Had I driven aggressively into the space in in front of the bus I would have possibly caused the cyclist to take 'evasive action', but in the event he was well aware that there was no danger as I was moving so slowly, and it was clear that he was making a bit of a show of it. My instinct is to think "arsehole" but then maybe I'm in the wrong?

The same issue could I suppose be raised concerning motorbikes?

NB: I caught up with him a little later - he was swerving through slow moving traffic with no attention to lanes, and eventually joined a dual carriageway in the fast lane. This was where I lost sight of him.

Cheers folks,

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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