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Topic - NHS incompetence towards sports/fitness issues - Part 2 (or 3?)

OneLifeOneHeart - on 04 Jul 2013
Me:"So, I didn't keep fit regularly in the past because I used to have some back problems. A couple of years ago in my home country I did something that caused some pain, and after a scan of my spine they said I had to fix/readjust my discs by going to physiotherapy. It eased after a few months and I became sedentary for a long time, but recently I started being fit and active again. I started slowly with non-impact sports like climbing, but the pain has returned since I started doing other activities this year like running. It means something must have happened again..."

My GP:"In the UK, we don't scan the spine unless we think there is some damage, e.g. a fracture. You can try doing the physiotherapy exercises by yourself, or go to a gym."

Me:"But how can you confirm that there is no issue?"

My GP:"You wouldn't be here sitting and talking to me if you had back issues. I would see it just by looking at you if you had a problem. Now please I have to see other patients, so this session is over."



Is that what medical science is about? Or any scientific approach? And 4-5 or more years of medical education?

If I have a history of ANY medical issue and want to confirm they are healed and/or are not relapsing, NHS can't check it? Lack of money? Or lack of brain?

And... since when can I try doing physiotherapy by myself?!

(P.S.: For those readers who are by default inconsiderate towards other people who may happen to face this kind of problems in life - I have a very time-demanding job and if I am on an online forum, especially so rarely and especially at this time of the day, it's only when I think it's serious and I really need someone to listen and/or to exchange ideas)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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