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Topic - Problems with trees and local councils

j0ntyg on 09 Jul 2013
I have a problem with a tree that dominates my house. The shade it gives blocks the light to the back of our house. In early summer the pollen coats our back windows to the extent that I had to get a window cleaner to use his pressure hose to remove it. He made a point of describing how bad it was. The tree blocks light to the house which means often having the living room lights on in the morning. In fact the shade given by the tree onto my house can be seen on Google Earth. The shade encourages moss to grow on the paths and roof, which is why I was cleaning some of it off over this sunny weekend when I could see the hills from my house. The birds scratch through the roof moss looking for insects. That moss then rolls down into the gutters. When the tree sheds it's leaves they block my gutters and drains. Because the roof gutters and down pipes are difficult to access even with ladders, this costs me 50 to 73 annually.
The tree is owned by the County Council (I checked with the Land Registry) but they said that I should deal with my local District Council as it is within their area. That is passing the buck. So I got our local District Council's tree advisor to look at the tree, which has no tree preservation (TPO) order on it, but is in a conservation area. He was absolutely against having the tree felled and suggested that he would have a TPO put on the tree. It's only a sycamore and is the only tree within the land it is on. The reasons that the District Council give on their website for allocating the area conservation status does not mention any tree. I spoke to a local councillor who said that I have a problem but no chance of having permission from the local council for the tree to be felled. He directed me to the County Councillor for our area. So I am thinking of contacting her and saying that if I don't get felling permission I will bill the County Council for the expenses that their tree's existence gives me, the only person in the county who will have to pay because of the damn tree. I even offered to the District Council to pay for the felling and for a replacement tree to be planted.
Advice would be welcome.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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