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Topic - Hand traverse - oh my!

fionafluffy - on 16 Jul 2013
I searched the forums to see if anyone else has commented on this, but it appears not (though my search skill are pretty questionable, I'll admit...)

That hand traverse on Corvus... Diff? DIFF? What d'ya mean - only a DIFF!! That must be at LEAST E12!!!

I am just learning the ropes (literally) on leading, and although I only live down the road, I have never managed to second Corvus and it has been on my list for a long time. So I was very pleased to give it a whirl as part of my learning to lead process just last wee. I led the first five pitches without much ado, although I was getting mighty tired and brain-achey with remembering how to set up so many anchors. So I bailed out of leading the 6th pitch before realising it was the hand traverse, passing it over to my more experienced partner, who seemed to have no real issues with it, apart from the first move or two from the ground up to it.

So I thought it would just be another hand traverse to second that I wouldn't exactly enjoy, but would manage without to much ado. I managed the one on Milestone Buttress no problem.

All was well until I realised I has to leave the safety of the nice ledge for my feet and reach out a terribly long way with my foot to find another hold to transfer my weight onto. Or else just hang on with my hands and wriggle across. Now, this is ok if you have broad shoulders and biceps of steel, but I have a skinny set of pipecleaners for arms and shoulders - all my climbing is done via my feet and legs - my arms and hands are just there for balance. I can't do a single pull-up as I can't actually support my weight on my arms....

So, I accept that I am brasically-challenged, but even so, that is one hell of a scary move for a Diff and I really can't believe that nobody else has been muttering oaths of Anglo Saxon origin as they widget their way across, praying that their hands aren't going to give way under the mighty weight of their arse...

As I say - I was only SECONDING.... I think I would have suffered heart failure if I had been leading!

So, is there anyone - at all - out there who agrees that the hand traverse on Corvus is harder than a Diff hand traverse has any right to be?

Or is it just me?!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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