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Andy Ayres - on 21 Jul 2013
Can anyone recommend a decent campsite in the Vaniose that has access to good walking without having to drive, some easy non serious climbing/via ferrata and a quaint town near by?

I went there about 15 years ago and remember it having amazing scenery and it wasn't crowded.

Any recommendations much appreciated,

Orgsm on 21 Jul 2013
In reply to Andy Ayres:

Isertan in pralognan
samharrison7 - on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to Andy Ayres:

We're off to Pralognan tonight, staying at Camping le Chamois, followed by a move to Champagny to stay at Camping le Canada. I've stayed at the former about five years ago and don't remember any bad things about it. Both are pretty cheap, ~5 a night (or less) without a car.

There seems plenty to do around the area (search the forums to find a post from me asking what to do in the area!), though the only up-to-date guidebook seems to be Topo de la Vanoise, which is of course in French... Walking-wise you can easily link a load of huts together and do a nice big traverse, and of course there's the "Tour of the Vanoise".

We're car-less and so one of the reasons we picked Pralognan/Champagny was its accessibility and proximity of routes you don't need to drive to.
Pinch'a'salt on 26 Jul 2013
In reply to Beat me to it!:

Not sure I would call Pralognan quaint though.. (though the villages further up the Prioux valley are).

To the OP (and as per SamHarr:

Isertan in Pralognan - 5 mins walk to the big crag under the cable car (100 or so routes from 3+ to 7a, Via Ferata de la Fraiche - not very long but really cool (literally) right by a waterfall. Good walking all over the shop from there.

Canada in Champagny le Haut - 10 minutes walk to the Grande Roche crag - ~25 or so pitches 5-6b+, easy via ferrata on this crag too (which sadly traverses a ledge above all the climbing - helmet recommended below...), and a short but sharp via ferrata below the road up to Champagny le Haut (resting sling & crab advisable) off the path down to Champagny. Good walking in all directions...

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