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Topic - royal family quiz

colin struthers - on 01 Aug 2013
As my contribution to the current Royal family discussion here is a section from a pub quiz I wrote a few years ago. All statements are silly - but six are true and six are false. Can you tell which ones?

1.In the 1960s Pablo Picasso was asked to paint the queen’s portrait. He turned the commission down when he realised that he was expected to do it without payment

2.Prince Phillip says he hopes to be re-incarnated as a deadly virus so that he can help reduce overpopulation

3.Prince Harry has a third nipple

4.Prince Charles insists on a white leather toilet seat being installed wherever he needs to go to the toilet

5. Princes Margaret once described Harold Wilson as 'that bolshevik'

6. The Queen Mother was an early supporter of the rights of mentally ill people

7.The queens uncle liked to have his photo taken with Adolf Hitler

8.At school Princess Diana gained no academic qualifications at all but did win an award for best kept hamster

9.Camilla Parker Bowles enjoys playing Super Mario

10.The queen claims that she knows how to change a carburettor

11. Every morning a servant squeezes the toothpaste onto Prince Charles's tooth brush

12. The Duchy of Cornwall has investments in a North Korean arms manfacturer

PS Now, bearing in mind that 6 of these statements are true, ask yourself whether you still want to pay your taxes to keep this dysfunctional shower in the lap of luxury
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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