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Topic - National Parks in Scotland

isi_o - on 18 Aug 2013
I was reading the other day about the proposal there had been for a 3rd national park in Scotland, on Harris. It started me thinking about whether that would be a good thing or not, and what they actually mean for us as mountaineers/ climbers/ walkers/ bikers etc.
I'm inclined to think that on the whole the existing ones do a reasonable job of managing the resources they have, developing them and maintaining the tricky balance between conservation and development. On the whole anyway - there is a part of me that feels that Lomond in particular goes a little too far down the commercial route. But perhaps this keeps commercialisation creeping so much into other mountain areas?
For Harris, I suspect that NP status would have been a pretty big economic benefit... But perhaps at the expense of other areas, like the Uists, Barra etc? It didn't go through to Scottish Parliament in the end because the council here wouldn't endorse it until the govt had looked at it, and the govt wouldn't look at it until the council endorsed it (sigh)...
What do you lot think? Are they a good thing? An exercise in power for the Scottish Govt which was newly-formed at the time and not much more than that? Over-commercialised? Well-managed? I'm intrigued.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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