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minimike - on 24 Aug 2013
Hi, can anyone recommend a rucksack?

I'm looking for a 70+ litre, lightweight bag, but not super light OMM style. Something for 2-3 day Scotland trips etc. rugged enough to survive baggage handlers and the like. Ideally around the 120 mark, but possibly a bit more!

Thanks all..
needvert on 24 Aug 2013
In reply to minimike:

I know it's expensive and depending how much you strip it superlight...Historically I've been a Macpac sorta guy (had 4 packs) but I've just got a 30L Cilogear worksack. Best pack ever. I love it.

I notice their 45L is 75L "fully extended", 250USD/160GBP. They have 60L and 75L sizes but sounds like they're out of your price range.
In reply to minimike: Do you really need it that big for 2-3 day trips? But anyway check out the Osprey Kestrel range - neither very expensive and reasonably light for the size too. I have the 68 for backpacking with my kids when I'm taking stuff for three. It's comfy, and has lots of useful little features on it.
In reply to TobyA: ...but for any backpack I'd find a bag to put it in for air travel. I used to use a big plastic sack and duck tape and that was fine, a few years ago I found a huge dry bag in TKMaxx for about a tenner and that works great.
ice.solo - on 24 Aug 2013
In reply to minimike:

MHW south col. stripped its as light as most 40L packs, even unstripped its still light, but not 'disposable' light.

a bit expensive, but worth it.

ive abused mine for several seasons. i did blow out a seam after the second winter (maybe 120 days use, lumping up to 40kg loads) but it was deemed a manufacturing fault and was replaced immediately at the flag ship store even tho i didnt buy it there. updated model too. impressed.

i have been using a cilo too, also nice, but for the 70L the weight is the same and i could get 3 MHWs for the price and pare one down to even lighter if i wanted to. have also had issues getting cilo stuff replaced, mostly down to them having limited production.
minimike - on 24 Aug 2013
In reply to TobyA:

Yeah I'd rather have a 70 which I can shrink/strip down than have to feta bigger bag if I want to go on a bigger/longer trip.. Osprey looks good, I'll try one I think. Thanks
minimike - on 24 Aug 2013
In reply to minimike:

Feta bigger bag to keep my cheese in, obviously..
OwenM - on 24 Aug 2013
In reply to minimike: Have a look at Lightwave Wildtrek 70 very impressive.
moonchip - on 25 Aug 2013
In reply to minimike:

As an avid backpacker & hiker I only use one specific rucksack, of which I have 3 .... IMHO the Rolls Royce of all rucksacks

The Karrimor Condor, available in 60/80 and 80/100 sizes

Sadly they are no longer made and Karrimor is now nothing but a brand, but when they were made, in Lancashire with pride, they had a lifetime guarantee and the build quality reflects this.

They are bombproof !!

Super adjustable harness system, very well thought out and just absolutely faultless on every count.

Best place to buy is keep a look out on eBay - the last one I bought, a 60/80 cost me 12

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