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Topic - Writer seeking advice on tyrolean traverse use

Lady Fantasy on 29 Aug 2013
I hope I've chosen the right forum. I write fantasy novels and I need technical help. I'm not a mountaineer.

I have a scene where a group of fleeing soldiers use a tyrolean traverse to bridge a gorge and then cut the rope behind them, flinging the pursuers to death on the rocks below. The traverse was set up in advance, they didn't have to do that in a hurry. Wiki suggests a 500m+ traverse is possible. That would do me. Unless anyone can point out snags like extra anchor points needed. I'm assuming just one anchor at each end.

Q1 - How fast might the crossing be? I need to get 20 to 30 men across as fast as possible.

Q2 - Would it have to be one man at a time? I need an unconscious prisoner to be carried across. Or would he have to put in a sling?

Q2 - I'd like the pursuers (those that arrived after the rope was cut) to find the anchor point on their side, the remains of the rope and perhaps a pulley. In my research I've seen a warning to use two pulleys. Would that be one pulley at each end? But if the rope is cut, would the pulley just fall, like my unfortunate soldiers?

Any hints gratefully received - in non-technical terms please. Feel free to ask questions if I haven't made this clear enough.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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