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Topic - Gaming computer specifcations

wilkie14c - on 02 Sep 2013
The middle sibling has decided he wants a gaming computer for christmas. We've discussed this and I think it'll get him on the computing path and steer him away from xbox. I'd rather he'd spend his time away from games full stop but hey-ho, this is his generation...
He's starting computer studies at school this year and hopfully the start of a path into IT later in life. As we all know, having a computer means you have to start learing tips and tricks for when 'computer says no' so this could be his first step.
He has a PC anyway for basic stuff so has basic skills, he already has a 22 inch monitor so that'll save a bit of cash. My plan is to buy a component each month till crimbo and then the week before have him build it himself with me as mentor. I've already got him looking at cases to get us started and also at the sys requirments for the types of games he want to play. In the back on my head I sort of know what spec but looking at personal experience and reccomendations. I never work on gaming computers as these things tend to be custom, home builds and gamers what they are doing and generally fix their own faults. Budget is 500 ish and looking at:
Case & PSU <450 watts?>
DVD/R/RW combi, all format drive
500 gig HDD
1 gig AGP card
Motherboard & CPU <at least i5> MB can have on board sound as this is only for his bedroom and a soundblaster can be added later if needed.
4 gig RAM <board must be capable of supporting a future increase>
Will be running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
Any reccomendations for MB and AGP??
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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