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Topic - Electric Mountain - How does it work?

Dave 88 - on 10 Sep 2013
I might be missing something, but I'm really struggling to see how this works.

Apparently the hydro electric plant under the slate quarries, works by harvesting electrical energy in the day by water flowing down-hill, driving turbines, electricity is generated, happy days.

However, I'm told, at night when demand is lower, the water is pumped back up hill to begin the process all over the next day. What I'm struggling with, is that surely the amount of energy generated by water falling a set distance, must be exactly equal to the energy required to pump it back up to it's starting point? Maybe even more-so. Therefore no net energy is produced, which is kinda the point of a power station.

Can anyone explain this to me because it's melting my brain and google hasn't come up with any ideas.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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