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Topic - Changing my mind about Syria

Enty - on 13 Sep 2013
I've just seen on the news how Jihadists in Syria, aided by the rebels, captured some of Assad's fighters and beheaded them in a public beheading.

Now my problem wasn't with beheading people - FFS if an army has just dropped sarin gas on my community I'd cut the feckers heads off - don't get me wrong war is war.
My problem is with the anti government people who took their family down to watch.
On the news it showed a row of kids (maybe about the same age as my 7 year old daughter plus or minus a year or two) sat watching. I thought that this was the kind of thing that happened in Britain 600 years ago when they used to drown witches.

If these people want to live a medieval life style - leave them to it. Taking a 7 year old kid to watch a public beheading. F*cking savages.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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