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tomholdenoid - on 18 Sep 2013
I've been bouldering for nearly 2 months now and have recently started unsupervised toproping sessions. The plan is to do toproping twice a week and bouldering once. With bouldering I am able to do most v2s, quite a few v3s and managed my first v4 (it was in the red v4-v6 category and I very much doubt it was any higher) today. With toproping I feel comfortable with 6as but am yet to successfully manage anything higher. I'm interesting in structuring my sessions in order to get more out of them. Could anyone suggest any ways to use my time efficiently and sensibly? Cheers.
tom_in_edinburgh - on 18 Sep 2013
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If you're happy top-roping 6a learning to lead is the single best way to get more out of your sessions.
Kirill - on 19 Sep 2013
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Judging by your progress, you don't need any advice from armchair climbers on here. Just keep doing what you have been doing.
alooker - on 19 Sep 2013
In reply to tomholdenoid: just keep climbing, don't do anything too structured yet - just have fun and try lots of things. Maybe read up on some techniques (flagging, drop knees, finding rests etc) as I'd wager that's where you'll find the most progress.

Learning to lead is a good shout, get this done early - a lot of people find that leading indoors shuts them down if they don't get used to it early. You don't want to be climbing at your limit on top rope and just bumbling around on lead.

When you warm up try really concentrating on your footwork, you see a lot of indoor climbers with horrendous footwork. Warm up on easy climbs and try and make every movement perfect. The old classic of placing your foot in the right place first time is a good drill, as is trying to climb silently (no bashing around with those toes!)

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.