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Topic - Pedestrian Cyclist collision

Kemics - on 23 Sep 2013
Im cycling home from work.

I approach a cross roads. There are cars and (an important) bus queuing. The bus is signalling to turn right. Im heading left. The lights go green and the cars ahead of us start to move. I filter past the bus on the left and a man running across the road jumps out in front of the bus. I perform an emergency stop, snapping my break cable(!) the man like a rabbit in a headlight stares at me and we have a strange moment of eye contact before I hit into him.

He runs off. I'm still on the floor, by the time im on my feet he's heading up a drive way into an office. This happened 10 meters from his door. I call him a prick.

who's in the right, who's wrong?

I went up to the office, he answered the door. I said he shoudlnt have run off and it's considered polite to check if people are okay. He says I was cycling illegally (im not acutally sure though) I say im not. We bicker for a bit, he gets angry asks if i want to sue him, blah blah I decide to leave.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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