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Topic - SPA Question - Accompanied Abseil

thomaspomfrett on 25 Sep 2013

A quick question for instructors out there. I was running through group abseils in preparation for my SPA assessment and was trying to remember the exact procedure for the accompanied abseil in the instance that no amount of coaxing will get the person abseiling to move.

In essence what I think I want to do is:

1. Make them safe
2. Escape the system
3. Abseil down to them
4. Attach them to me
5. Detach them from whatever was making them safe before
6. Abseil down

I was just trying to work out the best way to do this. So, first off I'd tie off the safety rope to make them safe. Escaping the system should be easy as you would likely just be attached to the masterpoint by a sling.

In terms of abseiling down to them, would you use a completely separate rope through the same masterpoint? You can't use the safety as that's keeping them safe so the other option would be to pull their ab rope up through their device and go descend on that but that felt wrong.

So assuming I've now abbed down and have attached them to me (using a sling knotted to form two cow's tails) I then need to detach them from the safety line. This could be difficult if it's under tension but presumably you'd just try to unclip the safety line karabiner and in the very worst case cut the safety line?

Apologies if these questions sound naive but it's the one part I've not had much call to practise and I couldn't remember it all!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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