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Topic - FS: Xbox 360 accessories

ElBarto - on 12 Oct 2013 - user since 23/Jul/08
Price: 18

I have a few unused Xbox 360 accessories for sale, listed below.

The pries below are if they are purchased separately & include postage, if they are all purchased together it's 17 (as stated above).

Wireless controller 15:
This controller hasn't seen to much use and is in perfect working order with no signs of wear. Only getting rid of it as I've ended up with five controllers and you can only connect four to an Xbox 360.

Data transfer cable 2:
This is for connecting the original style Xbox 360 hard drive which clipped on to the top to a USB port, I believe another Xbox 360s USB port, to transfer data from one Xbox to another. Personally I only used it to connect to a PC and it worked fine for that.

Charging cable 2:
This is used if you have an official Microsoft rechargeable battery for the controller, you plug one end of this to the connection at the top of the control pad and the other to a USB port, normally the one in front of your console but I assume it'll work on any USB port, to charge it.

I'm unsure about it working with non-official Microsoft batteries.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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