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Topic - Pull ups?

Simos on 18 Oct 2013
Obviously lots of climbers do pull ups as part of their training routine - I do a few at the end of each climbing session and I am at the point where I could do ~8 pull ups relatively comfortably and whereas this is well below average I am sure (by climbing standards at least) I am wondering whether it actually makes sense to continue trying to do increase the number I can do?

My thinking is that since I am mainly interested in bouldering and the problems are short, I shouldn't really need a lot more endurance when it comes to pulling myself up but more power. I am sure that doing more pull ups will also get me stronger but wouldn't it be better if I started doing weighted pull ups and kept the number below 10 rather than keep doing more and more?

Also I really don't feel that the muscles involved in pull ups are really a limitation for me as my fingers give out first usually (unless on massive jugs) so would it make more sense to turn my attention to the campus board instead of traditional pull ups?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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