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Topic - Lesbians and babies

Denni on 23 Oct 2013
Afternoon all,
hope the middle of the week Isn't too bad for you all.

My friend is a lesbian and when it comes to discussing males, she gets quite animated about us and over the years, she has been quite insulting about males in general, normally after a beer or two.

Can't trust them, women are better than males, etc etc. None of this bothers me I just think she likes to fight the lesbian corner and she agrees with me that sometimes she does go a wee bit overboard about her opinion of men. Here other half Isn't like this at all and is very objective with her about the subject.

Now, she is a cracking lass and we are very good friends and my wife is pregnant so lots of talk about our next child. She asked me if I was bothered about the soon to be sleepless nights and I said "no, and you'll never have to worry about that will you!" Asking me why, I said, well you are adamant you never want to have anything to do with men, you are more than happy with your life and we have discussed in the past about you having babies and your answer was "I don't like men, I don't need anything from them especially sperm!"

Now granted that was a while ago but her attitude has changed as the clock is ticking and I think most women have that urge to reproduce at a certain age before it is too late. So when we were talking about it, she said well I may as well use the only useful thing a man has to offer to have a baby!

I told her that was a wee bit contradictory to her previous 20 odd years and I thought she secretly wanted a baby and why put on the front that she detests men and come up with such a stupid point that sperm is the only useful thing a man has just to try and keep up her anti male stance which I personally think is a bit of a front.

Even though we are really good friends and can talk about anything, she hit the roof! So I think she went mad because she is a wee bit embarrased about her previous anti male behaviour and it has always been a bit of an act to prove her lesbianism.

What do you all reckon? Good on her for having a baby if she really wants to but I think it is more of a "shit, time is running out, I've got the urge to have a baby so I'm going to!"

Anyone any views on this? Hoping to catch up with her when she calms down a bit.

Bloody women eh? ;0)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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