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Topic - China

SI - profile removed on 29 Oct 2013
China is demonised in the West because it doesn't have democracy and is ruled by the communist party. Our media presents us an unbalanced and negative view of the country.

China is the superpower least likely to go to war.

The CPC is internally democratic, and it has a membership of 80 million. Any Chinise citizen can become leader of the country.

The CPC advises provincial authorities to improve human rights and reduce capital punishment. China's human rights are similar to those of Britain half a century ago.

China is a communist state operating a capitalist economic model, this has provided China's economic growth, China is the only country that could switch to communism if it no longer wishes its economy to grow.

China is the least indebted superpower so is less likely to require continual growth.

Let the fun begin... <dons arguing hat>
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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