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Topic - delay accepting a job to maybe turn it down in a months time

itsThere on 30 Oct 2013
So I have got two/three interviews for two jobs. One is as far as i know, a single interview for company A. Company B want to interview me in a week and then following that, another interview in 3 weeks. Company B have already given me a phone interview and now invited me for an in person interview. They then told me that the process could take a month and gave me dates for both interviews. I donít mind the time I have to wait for company B, since their reputation more than makes up for this. Company B are also alot bigger than company A and operate in a vastly different way which is also a reason for the length of time.

I want both Jobs, but, given the choice company B would be better for many reasons. This could change slightly after in-person interviews.

Company A was though a recruiter who have said I can start ASAP, this has since changed now because of company B. I will get asked when I can start in the interview for company A, however I still want to have the choice to work for company B if i am successful following the interviews over the next month.

How can i keep my options open for company B but not damage my chances with company A.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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