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Topic - Electric wall heater vs fan heater?

Ali - on 17 Nov 2013
So have finally got round to turning the heating on in my flat (moved in in the summer) and finding its not that effective, and I suspect, rather expensive. The rooms are largeish (by London standards) and I have an electric wall heater in each of the living room and bedroom, a small one in the kitchen and a heated towel rail in the bathroom. They are not storage heaters, just bog standard electric. The one in the bedroom looks new and gives off next to no heat (I can touch it comfortably and standing a foot away you wouldn't know it was on), the one in the living room is a bit better - you can feel it warming up the room.

Always had GCH before so a couple of questions:

- can I find out easily how much each heater is costing me (i.e. how many kwh each one uses)?

- would it be cheaper to get a small fan heater and use this instead for both heat and getting clothes dry?

- I have a small (new) tumble dryer in the place which I've been using to dry sheets and some cotton stuff - is this likely to be costing me the earth and is there a better (cheaper) way to dry clothes?

Before anyone suggests it, I'm quite happy piling the layers on and using hot water bottles, extra duvets etc, but I need to be able to dry my clothes without them going mouldy from still being damp 3 days after being hung out! When I moved in my landlady swore that the previous tenants said it was really cheap to run, but I have a feeling that may have been deceiving. I have used about 300kwh in the past month and that's predominantly without heating on...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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