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Topic - Dupuytrenís Contracture: treatment by Xiapex (Xiaflex)

Carless - on 18 Nov 2013
(Posting this in ROCKTALK as many donít read Off Belay, etc. Feel free to move if appropriate)

Nearly 2 weeks ago I had treatment for Dupuytrenís contracture in the small finger using the collagenase Xiapex (called Xiaflex in the US)

Hereís a description of the procedure:

My experience is that the treatment is trivial: a trip to the clinic in the morning; a discussion with the doctor (I must have asked him several times if he was totally sure the tendon would not be affected) followed by 2 small (though surprisingly uncomfortable) injections of Xiapex into the Dupuytren cord (this caused swelling in the base of the finger and minor pain in the arm for the rest of the day)

I went back the following day to have the cord broken. Had a local anaesthetic and 5 minutes later the doctor manipulated the finger and the cord broke with an audible snap
The difference was noticeable immediately but the base of the finger heavily swollen
Had to wear a finger splint to get the finger used to being straighter again, but the splint is not worn permanently as I have to take it off regularly to move the finger

12 days later itís still a bit swollen but a 40 degree bend has been reduced to 5 degrees

Iím not sure of the availability of this treatment on the NHS (Iím in Belgium), but from my experience Iíd say itís well worth considering

I havenít climbed yet, so Iíll comment on here when I have - the doctor said the swelling should have gone by 3 weeks after the injection, so Iíll probably go down the wall next week

Hereís a link to PODís 2010 article about surgery where he mentions Xiaflex near the end
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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