/ Wanted: 55cm Ice Axe (Straight Shafted Mountaineering Style)

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BUZZ1984 on 25 Nov 2013 - user since 29/Oct/08
Looking for the above, so if anyone has a sturdy straight axed mountaineering ice axe in good nick that they're be keen to part with please let me know and we can talk about a price.

BCT on 28 Nov 2013
In reply to BUZZ1984:

Hi there I have a brand new (used once on soft snow!) DMM cirque 55cm. This is the link to the product. Mine is deep within the loft but of course can retrieve if you want pics etc. Its perfect but not the right length so will be getting exactly the same in a 60.


I paid full wack but understand it is technically used so can part with it for 55 plus postage. B
BUZZ1984 on 03 Dec 2013
In reply to Beth-Cath-T:

Thanks for the offer Beth-Cath-T. The DMM cirque looks a bit light weight fo rwhat I'm after. I'm going to see if I can get a Grivel Brenva on Sale.

Thanks again,
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JHC - on 05 Dec 2013
dingbat46 - on 11 Dec 2013
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I'm still awaiting delivery of 2 pairs of crampons from ' grumpybear '. After reading this thread and others I no longer expect they will arrive.
Freddie 1 - on 11 Dec 2013
In reply to dingbat46:
You've perhaps seen that I'm waiting on a headtorch from another thread. Is there much we can do? I don't expect to get it either but the mods should at least know. I have bank account details as I presume you do...

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.