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Topic - Petzl Lim'Ice - any good?

masa-alpin - on 10 Dec 2013
Has any one used the new ice-screw sharpener from Petzl, Lim'Ice?
Does it work well?
How about screws with other makes, such as Grivel and Black Diamond?

After a bit of research, it seems it works reasonably well with even Grivel Helix and Black Diamond Turbo Express, let alone Petzl's own screws, though it takes a bit more time and effort to sharpen the former two, because it basically reshapes them.

Personally, the price tag of 60 quid is not a big deal, if it works well, considering one would spend 50 quid or so every season anyway, if ordering the sharpening service (in such as Needlesports) for the whole butch. And to be honest I was disappointed with the sharpening outcome by Needlesports with even Grivel Helix (Needlesports uses a Grivel machine to sharpen screws) last time I ordered.

So far, this blog post by Alastair Begley is the most comprehensive review I have found.

Also, these are useful.

Any feedback will be appreciated!
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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