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Topic - UKC Logbook and Rockfax Grades

One consequence of the work we are doing to develop a Rockfax App is that we are going to need to change the way that UKC Logbook moderators deal with grades. We also want to undertake the long-overdue job of amalgamating the two different sets of votes.

At present we have a UKC Logbook listing for thousands of routes and we also have the Rockfax database listing for many of the same routes with separate voting records. We have spent a lot of time linking these routes with an ID number across the two databases over the last few years in preparation for the Rockfax App.

The grades in these two databases are often different. In order for the Rockfax App to work, they need to be the same since we will be accessing various aspects of the UKC logbook information from the App, but the main route data comes from the Rockfax database. This also has to happen for us to amalgamate the voting systems for obvious reasons.

In order to do this we will have to select a grade for every route that features in the App (that is the routes in most Rockfax guides since 2006) and stick with it and remove the ability of crag moderators to alter grades for these routes. We will make this grade selection based on voting received and we will be able to find anomalies before the change, so this doesn't mean that we will be going with the grade in the current printed Rockfax.

After this grade changes will have to be dealt with centrally via a master database since they will need to change in two places at once, one of which isn't public.

This doesn't mean that moderators can't change grades, in fact we will welcome their input to point out problem grades, however it does mean that they will no longer have the ability to change the grade via their moderator access - they will just need to report them to us.

Note - this is only for routes that feature in Rockfax guidebooks.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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