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Topic - Picking a religion

Duncan Bourne - on 06 Jan 2014
We have had all the does or doesn't God exist threads and it always seems curious that it often just boils down to a stand off between atheists and Christians, rather than any other religious denomination.
So, for the religious out there I am curious as to why you follow the one you do and not any other religion? Is it cultural? Is it the only option you looked at or did you read up on a whole load of them? Was it a divine bolt of lightening from the blue.
For instance I am culturally Christian but turned to Paganism in my teens before rejecting the whole lot altogether. I picked my belief on what seemed reasonable to me at the time but went at it open minded and looked at all religions and belief systems such as Islam, Hinduism, neo paganism, shamanism, Zoroasterism, Occultism, Buddhism etc. if I had to pin myself down then I would say that my philosophical belief is closer to Zen Buddhism but really it is just stuff I have worked it for myself
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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