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Topic - Does your clothing match your grade?

Gazlynn - on 10 Jan 2014

Following on from last years discussion

Here are my findings for this winter ;-)


Grade I Black

No change for black unfortunately.

Grade II Red

A 2 grade swing this year. A popular safe punters choice.

Grad III Yellow

Moving up from last year and has nothing to do with it being the colour of my new jacket.

Grade IV Blue

A big swing this year for blue. Popular with the Scottish mid grade warriors maybe coinciding with Rangers demise?

Grade V Orange

A slight drop for Orange this year as people looked at last years chart and tried to push the grade a little too much.

Grade VI- Green or baby blue

Only a select few can wear these colours this winter with pride.

Trousers / Pants

Grades I,II,III and IV Black or Grey

Sorry guys us punters have to have something to aspire to.

Grade V and above Any bright colour but it must NOT match the jacket

Also please note that if you have bright coloured gloves you can add on one tech grade.

Please feel free to agree or disagree



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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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