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Rob Exile Ward on 13 Jan 2014
... for accommodation, preferably near climbing and near the sea. Accom for maybe 12, middle of July. (Yes I know it gets hot then, we just get up earlier that's all.)
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There has always been an apparent lack of decent accommodation on Mallorca which is odd really. In the winter we often stopped in the 'resorts' - Palma Nova/Magaluf etc though I doubt they are everybody's' cup of tea.

This has just appeared on the RockFax site:


obviously not a personal recommendation but as you have had zero replies so far.....

Rob Exile Ward on 17 Jan 2014
In reply to Chris Craggs:

Thanks Chris, we'll check it out.
MeMeMe - on 17 Jan 2014
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We stayed here - http://www.sonramonetpetit.com/p/english_26.html

It was really friendly and a lovely quiet place to stay. Jordi gave us a basket of food from his garden when we arrived and lent us some bikes (for nothing) when we wanted to go for a cycle.

It's a drive to get to some climbing but there are loads of places on the coast that are just under 30 minutes away and it's inland a bit so it's possible to drive north to the mountains to climb there too (although we didn't end up doing this).

badgerjockey - on 19 Jan 2014
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Not sure what kind of accom you are after.

For villas, have you tried homeaway.co.uk and ownersdirect.co.uk? 12 people may be difficult though.

For something a bit more rustic the mountain refuges are great - book early though, or just send them an email.
see http://www.conselldemallorca.net/?&id_parent=491&id_class=2992&id_section=3198&id_so...
or PM for info.

Otherwise there's loads of hotels - Try Pollenca, Alcudia, Soller, Andratx or Peguera for the north/west side of the island. Don't know much about the eastern side but bound to be millions. Start with tripadvisor I suppose!

CarolineMc - on 19 Jan 2014
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

I stayed in Puerto pollensa last year. I used Habitat Apartments which were perfectly fine. Simple, not flashy but perfectly adequate. Duva Apartments were just behind Habitat and a swisher resort kind of place. I loved the situation tho... you could walk into town, on to the cliffs, over to the next village etc. Buses stopped outside but I hired a bike and pootled round the island on that. There was some climbing nearby and some excellent scrambling but to make the most of the island's climbing I think you're best off hiring a car so you can get around at your leisure. Cheapest deal for me was on Travel Republic. Co:
Rob Exile Ward on 20 Jan 2014
In reply to CarolineMc:

Hi, thanks, we stayed at Habitat last year and thought they were pretty good, air con that worked and was quiet enough to sleep with was a great bonus!

Hoping to look for something a bit bigger for a larger party though.
Dauphin - on 20 Jan 2014
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

Used Villa Parade a few times to stay around puerta pollensa cala d'or, different place each time. Always good well serviced and clean apartments or villa. They even through in a car once.

Pete - on 20 Jan 2014
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

I also used Villa Parade and had a lovely apartment in Pollensa for a good price. Trouble is the parking there is absolutely chronic. Often had to leave the car on the opposite side of the town from where we were staying. Streets very narrow as well. Quaint, but not practical for parking cars.
Mr Lopez - on 20 Jan 2014
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Have you come across the thread about the charges for climbing in Majorca? 10 euros/day a head for 12 of you comes at 120 euros a pop plus extra charges if you drive...

badgerjockey - on 20 Jan 2014
In reply to Mr Lopez:
> 10 euros/day a head for 12 of you comes at 120 euros a pop plus extra charges if you drive...

Yes, IF you go to Fraguel. Head to any of the 25-30 other lovely crags containing 95% of the island's climbing and you'll be fine.

I don't work for the Spanish government or a tourism company, I'm just being realistic. I fully support the opposition groups though...
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Mallorca climbing - on 15 Feb 2014
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

Hi Rob!
I'll be more than happy to welcome you at my place: Sports House Mallorca. I will have space for 12 by the time you get here.It's right in the center of the island so you can reach all over in 30-50min drives.
I am a climber too and preparing the place to host a nice workout space, table-tennis, pool, barbecue and quite possibly a stone oven...
Check it out and feel free to drop an email!


Don't worry about prohibitions, they only affect Fraguel, and DWS in Manacor, because somebody fell and had to be rescued.

Best wishes!

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