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Topic - Best advice overheard in an outdoor shop ?

mike123 - on 27 Jan 2014
I m busy sorting kit / washing for a wee holiday and realised I have 2 old patagucci R 1 thermals , which has made me feel proud/amused . Several years ago myself and cragging partner were whiling away a wet afternoon in a now defunct but then very popular south lakes gear shop. The then manager , a well known local, who I knew by reputation , had already informed me that there was no point me buying the axes I was eying off because I would never climb hard enough to warrant them ( true and taken in good spirit) , but using language somewhat less polite. Bored with insulting me he wandered over to a poor unknowing couple who we're looking at patagucci thermals and may have had the temerity to comment a bit too loudly on the high price. The thermal was unceremoniously taken from them , And held up to the rest of the shop. "These are the best f:;(&)g thermals money can buy. Anybody who doesn't own two of these is a c:, t ".

I m always relieved when I put the two of them in the wash together.

(Not hard to guess who it was. Please don't post a name)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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