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Topic - Short distance running advice

Irk the Purist - on 29 Jan 2014
Inspired by the current thread on fat loss and avoiding hi-jack...

I'm trying to get my 10k time under 40 minutes.

These are my current PBs.

4 mile - 26:30 (v windy)
5 mile - 32:17
10k - 40:04
half - 85:50
marathon - 3:25

Ignoring my marathon, which dates from 2008/9 (I've done hilly, off road ones in 3:39 since) my half time would suggest that my 10k and and under times are below par. What should I be doing?

Last night I did 50m sprint, 50m recovery, 400m (1:18), 1 minute rest, 100m sprint, 50m recovery, 400m and rest, 150m sprint, 50m recovery, 400m and rest and then the sprints down to 50 again.

I normally do longer intervals of up to 3 x 1 mile (6mins) or 6-8 800m (2:50) or 6-8 400m (1:20). I also do a lot of hill sprints as I live in a hilly area. Sprint up, jog down, repeat to sick.

I've been doing specific speed work once a week for a year and my 10k pb has come down from 40:11 (second half of my hm pb) to 40:04! 7 seconds!

Any advice?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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