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Topic - What can a novice do for a week in the alps?

Philo22 - on 30 Jan 2014

Got a little holiday and money saved up and am thinking about taking my first trip to Chamonix. Just wondered if there are any alps veterans available who may be able to advise me in this area!

Unfortunately I have no regular climbing partner at present (although climbing regularly at the local wall and crag) and even less in the way of friends who might consider mountaineering as a good way to spend their holiday entitlement. I was hoping that someone could recommend me a few good 'introductory' routes or peaks that are challenging and yet soloable.

I'm more concerned about crevasses and vertical sections that are not easy to overcome solo than about cold and a little discomfort, and tough (but soloable) routes would not bother me either.

As you can probably tell I am completely new to the alpine game (aside from a great deal of reading) but I feel that if I wait and wait for the perfect time and/or partner then I'll never ever get there, and it would be better to just head over and see what I can accomplish by myself.
Any advice at all would be most welcome, and if you happen to be in Chamonix when I get there I'll happily buy you a beer or two!


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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