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Topic - Winter Conditions Threads - How Should They Run?

We have had a few problems with the Winter Conditions Threads lately so I wanted to start this discussion thread to see how people think they should run.

In the past we have had single threads for big areas - Lakes, Scotland, N Wales - which have ballooned into massive 6 month epics with hundreds of replies, most of which were no longer relevant. We have also had some threads from local climbers who often run their own blogs, on specific areas in Scotland. Apart from the fact that the single threads have become very unwieldy by this time of the year, resulting in long download times to mobile devices, and difficulty finding the relevant reports, there haven't been too many other problems in previous years.

This year we have had problems due to some trouble makers who have been turning every conditions thread in the Lakes into a debate on ethics and other topics, or just causing trouble because they can. This has been incredibly difficult to moderate due to the fact that people seldom tell us where the reply is they are reporting abuse and it takes ages for us to find the comments and comb the rest of the thread to find the context.

Hence we at UKC would prefer to stop having big threads because they difficulty in moderating, and the download times for people on mobile devices, and the lack of relevance of much of the content.

The alternative is too replace them with shorter dated conditions threads and encourage people to post to the latest one for each area. The obvious choice for this appears to be the 'official' conditions threads from people like Mike Lates, Mike Pescod, Paddy Cave and Ian Stewart. Anyone can post their own reports on these threads if they wish but the people we have contacted have agreed to do regular updates hence they will be creating new updated threads on a weekly or biweekly basis.

There seems to be some objection to this although I am not sure why at the moment. There are obviously areas that aren't covered by the 'official' reports like North Wales, but these can easily have a single dated conditions thread if that is what people want.
Let us know your thoughts on this thread please.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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