/ FS: Scarpa Mojito approach shoes, size 45

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Denni on 04 Mar 2014 - user since 22/Feb/06
Price: 55
Hi folks,

Scarpa Mojito approach shoes, used about 5 times, excellent condition, no wear at all. EU size 45 so UK 10.5. 55


PayPal for payment please and the price includes first class delivery. Any questions, ask away.
Thanks, Den
sbc_10 - on 06 Mar 2014
In reply to Denni:

Hi Den,

Might be wrong here but your pic looks like the Margarita as opposed to the Mojito



I'll bump it up the threads for ya...
Denni on 08 Mar 2014
In reply to sbc_10:

Hi Sean,
I reckon you're right mate.
Knew the model began with an M, they are indeed Margarita.
I think I may have already sold them to Stuart, I should have learnt by now, cut out the middle man and send all my for sale kit to the pair of you!
Hope life is treating you well, clear skies down here on the south coast so have seen Jupiter very clearly most nights, Saturn a few times last month in the early hours and managing to focus in on the odd star cluster, may need to upgrade the scope if Daisy will let me....
Will keep you in the loop about the Wales trip.
thelostjockey - on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to Denni:

Shoes arrived and they are great; good to do business with you.
Denni on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to thelostjockey:

Why thank you Stu! Instead of you and Sean having one each, crustypunk is selling a pair in the premier posts albeit a different colour. Tell Sean to buy them and you can have his and his on down the pub!
sbc_10 - on 20 Mar 2014
In reply to Denni:

No fear Denni, they have been detected on my shoe radar....

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