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Topic - Glacier Travel Advice

Oo on 18 Mar 2014
Planning a long walk to a summit. Near the top there is about 1km of glacier rising 150m to cross. I've only been up on a dry (no snow) glacier once so I'm a bit tentative. After a bit of a google and watching lots of Glenmore Lodge and MCofS videos on youtube (great resource, thanks chaps) I'm trying to work out the best way to cross, the likely risks, and whether to plan for something else.

I'm presuming walking alone is considered very risky?

So, as a pair, you put a rope between you, say about 20m and walk. Would you say a harness is necessary? Or just a rope around the waist (some of the youtube videos just had this on a snowslope, I was a bit surprised). I've only got a 60m single rope, so that'll have to do. Ideally I think I'd want a 30m lightweight scrambling rope.

The chap I'm walking with isn't a climber, so I'll show him the basics of an ice axe arrest and explain the principle of how to rescue from a crevasse.

In essence, I am planning for everything to be fine, and am quite aware of the chances of an epic. What would you do? What are the risks like on a glacier?

For reference, I am looking to approach this from the east following the shallowest line.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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