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Topic - Helpful motorist du Jour.

Chris Harris - on 21 Mar 2014
Cycling home last night I noticed my left pedal felt odd. Closer examination showed that the point where the pedal screws into the crank had play in it, presumably do to a combination of corrosion & physical wear: Hard steel pedal thread +soft alloy crank + movement = destruction of thread in crank end.

So I knew it would wear more over the journey, get increasingly wobbly & probably fall out completely at some point.

Which it did, landing in the gutter with a clatter (flat shoes & pedal, no clips), leaving me with a laborious & slow one legged ride home. Maybe I should have stopped & picked it up, but I was in a severely bad mood & didn’t want to lose precious speed (I picked it up this morning).

About 150 yards further along, a car pulled alongside me, the front passenger window rolled down & the driver leaned across & said “Excuse me, your pedal has fallen off, it landed by the side of the road just back there”.

Thanks for that, I hadn't even noticed.....
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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