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Topic - Learning to lead on an indoor wall

Lobsbelow - on 06 Apr 2014
I'm relatively new to climbing, only started on an indoor wall less than 18 months ago at the grand age of 45, have climbed outdoors a few times since, up to HS trad second and 6a sport outdoors, only lead trad to Vdiff or top roped HVS, I'm not very strong, but I have visited a few indoor walls and thought it might be useful if newbies and bumbly's like me would like to feedback on what they would like to see at their local indoor wall to help them develop.

For instance, one indoor wall I visit has a short 8m wall top rope, but to do the 13m wall you have to lead so newbies effectively can't do the 13m wall and get a sense of height early on.
Other walls I visit only have '6' grades on a lead with the quickdraws in place, what about learning to lead on a 4 and just get the basics of leading in your head?
I'd also like to see more 5's / 5b's on top ropes in situ indoors with quickdraws in place so folk can practice leading while on a top rope and lead rope system ... maybe that's just me, but I'd be interested in hearing what other newbies would consider would help them from moving from top rope to leading indoors?
I go to lots of walls and am asked for feedback but generally think that they want feedback from experienced people, not bumbly's like me. Yet I like to use indoor walls to develop, so comments please from others who are in the same boat, wanting to learn to lead... I know it's not the same as outdoors, I'm asking what would help newcomers learning curve indoors?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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