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Topic - Idiot parents

LastBoyScout on 07 Apr 2014
Had the fright of my life yesterday.

Riding along a straight road near me, very slight downhill before a sharp climb, so I'm trying to carry speed. Up on the left, maybe 200m ahead, is a family group looking to cross the road - no cars coming the other way or behind me. Most of the group decide to make a run for it (i.e. they've seen me coming), leaving a woman with a double buggy on the pavement.

I didn't want to ease off the pace (out for a serious training ride), although I was covering the brakes and moved to the middle of the lane (the lot making a run for it are now over the central line), but she's looking at me and it's apparent she's seen me coming, so I think I'm ok.

As I get nearer, without any warning, she shoves the pushchair into the road and starts crossing, leaving me with no option but to fire through the closing gap between her and the 2 girls (aged about 12?) at the back of the rest of the group at something in excess of 25mph.

Personally, I hope I frightened the life out of her, because it sure as hell shook me up - I had to stop further along the road to calm down.

No, I didn't go back and check they were ok - I didn't fancy risking a beating from the 2-3 adults there, if they'd considered it to be my fault.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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