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Topic - Running Achilles Tendon Injury - Experiences of Others?

contrariousjim - on 21 May 2014
I've been running alot recently, and upping either miles or pace since the new year. I did a 10K two weeks ago which I really enjoyed, but noted afterward that I felt a wee bit sore in my Left achilles. I went to Physio who recommended the eccentric heel drops, but said to keep running, but nowt too hard. I have since done a couple of runs, and didn't feel it get much worse, or better. Then last week, I did my local 6mile route, and after that it felt really quite sore. The next w/e I didn't feel able to run so I did a few lengths and underwater running in the pool, which felt fine and did some cycling instead of running, and it felt worse still. Its now creeky as feck, and feels pretty sore doing the heel drops. I've been doing the ICE part of RICE religiously, but perhaps not enough of the R with the cross training I've been doing.

So this isn't my area, but the physio had said to keep running, and an A+E doc I spoke to said, keep using it, e.g with cycling. Other advice seems to be much much more conservative.

So, what is the experience of others with these kinds of injuries? Do you do total rest, relative rest with cross training, gentle continuation or what? Did the eccentric heel drops work for you, and how uncomfortable were they. Just interested in other's experiences and a bit of discussion.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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