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Topic - Rock Climbing in Ethiopia-Hot rock, adventure, culture, coffee

angels on 26 May 2014
We have just come back from a climbing expedition to Northern Ethiopia, and one of our expedition aims was to raise the awareness amongst the climbing community of the huge rock climbing and bouldering potential in Ethiopia. By raising awareness, we hope adventure rock climbing tourism will increase in Ethiopia, and increasing sustainable tourism in Ethiopia, which helps local communities for life.
One of the ways we hope to do this is by getting as many people as possible to "like" and "Share" our page. Please take a minute to do this by following the link below

Often when people think of Ethiopia, they think of Band Aid but the reality is that there are plenty of great reasons to visit the country, with rock climbing being just one.

There have been a number of expeditions to Ethiopia in recent years, with a British teams of Bookham Crag Rats in 2001, Belgium Tigray Rock Climbing Team at Waseya Cracks in 2004, Pat Little John and Steve Sustad 2005-8, American Vertical Ethiopia in 2007, Americans Mark Richey in 2008, John Collis in 2008, Hot Rock tour in 2009, French team- Horizon Ethiopique in 2011, French team of Alain Bruzy and M Salle in 2012,SPanish team of Marco Jubes, Edu Marin, and Toti Vales in 2012, James Garrett, Peter Vintoniv, and Erik Kelly, and more recently a lot of climbs and information about new areas has been compiled by Aylwyn Bromhead on Rock Climbers, Ethiopia on facebook, and Nico Parkinsons has written a number of entertaining accounts of Ethiopian climbing, last but not least we have our own team Ethiopia Rocks 2014. This is not an exhaustive list, but simply put here to give you an idea of the extent of time people have been exploring the rock climbing and the range of nationalities.

There is a lot of un-explored and un climbed rock still to go at in Ethiopia, and it is well worth a trip. There are also an increasing number of climbs having been put up, should you want to do some second ascents instead.
Ethiopia has a massive variety of rock types, climbing styles and grades. It is a great country to combine some culture and some climbing/bouldering.

If you want to find out more, have a look at our facebook page for photos of our Ethiopian expedition. We will soon be adding a (basic and free) Ethiopian climbing guide for people to download too, join now and facebook will alert you when it's ready!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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