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Topic - Don't wash your chicken say the experts

Ben Sharp - on 16 Jun 2014

My Gran always said when you've got a chicken that's going a bit funky, just give it a wash and it'll be'right.

Washing chicken's probably unnecessary unless you get it from a smaller producer but I can't get my head round why it's so dangerous, and why modern humans are incapable of washing meat without killing themselves.

It seems pretty anal to recommend people don't wash chicken in case the water from the meat "contaminates the sink" or splashes on the work surface and then for some reason instead of wiping it up you rub your sandwiches in the chicken juice and get infected by campylobacter, one of the shittest, weakest bacteria around that gets killed by freezing, can't survive in room temperature, is killed once it's cooked above 48degC and is killed by the anti-bac we all slather our work surfaces in. Salmonella's in like 6% of UK chicken, yet a lot of people treat it like toxic biohazard waste, scrubbing chopping boards with bleach and throwing sponges away that have touched raw chicken. I think we're anal enough about chicken and when you look at other countries attitude to food (especially meat) then you look at us where half the population is terrified of cooking chicken I wish they'd just shut up about how deadly it is, it's just chicken. If you eat a lot of undercooked chickens you'll get ill eventually but you'd still have to be unlucky to get ill from eating chicken that was a bit bloody (not recommending eating bloody chicken...but it's never done me any harm ;-)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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