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Topic - Found - Sling at Watch House, prussik at Three Cliffs (Gower)

andrewmcleod - on 17 Jun 2014

Probably too trivial for anyone to really want either of these back, but:

Saturday 14th June, prussik loop found in (literally in) Under Milk Wood, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower.
Sunday 15th June, 60cm DMM sling (looked new) with red/black/red tape marking girth hitched to fourth(?) bolt on Trad Man, Watch House Crag, Gower.
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andrewmcleod - on 19 Jun 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

Also forgot to mention my friend left a nut in the first (smaller) thread on Under Milk Wood; second didn't realise it was threaded through a hole and the tide was well inside the cave at that point so no chance of going and getting it back (except by downclimbing the tube!).
JClimb - on 25 Jun 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

I found a nut, I think it was where you are talking about. Was your friend's taped? Was it just a nut? the one I found had a sling attached.
(...that is one tight squeeze of a tunnel!!)
andrewmcleod - on 26 Jun 2014
In reply to JClimb:
I think his stuff is taped some combination of red and black? (my stuff is taped with a lovely shade of magenta/pink). I think it was just the nut, what sort of sling (my friends are mostly nylon)? - edit, I will check what colour tape the nut had!

And yes, it is a pretty small tunnel... I had a dragon 5 and 6 on my harness, which I placed both of just to get rid of!
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andrewmcleod - on 26 Jun 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

OK, so should be a DMM wallnut size 7; if it is marked it should be 'thin red with thick black'. If it is a 'small old green sling' then it is probably his, otherwise probably unrelated too-big-to-fit-through-the-tunnel bailing gear...
JClimb - on 29 Jun 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

Matches all of above description!
Where do you live/climb?
andrewmcleod - on 30 Jun 2014
In reply to JClimb:
Exeter; I have just sent you a message :)
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mattrm - on 30 Jun 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

I think it's normal to have tat on the threads in Under Milk Wood, but I don't think removing them really does anyone any harm.
andrewmcleod - on 30 Jun 2014
In reply to mattrm:

Wasn't any tat when I got there though - the prussik loop I found had clearly just fallen off someone's harness. Do people bail when they see the tube before trying it (cowards!) or try and realise they really are too big and have to reverse!
mattrm - on 01 Jul 2014
In reply to andrewmcleod:

I've definitely heard of both. People not being able to get through and using some tat in the thread to either leave gear behind on or to lower off from. It can also be quite greasy and slippery which can cause some folk to give up on it as well.

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