/ Walking in Swedish Lapland; any tips?

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Niall B - on 06 Jul 2014
I am looking at going a walking holiday in Swedish Lapland with my gf who does some walking (not as much as me!) Specifically around Gällivare, Ritsem and lake Akkajaure.

Anyone been here or indeed anywhere else in northern Norway who could offer any advice? Planning to go in September...

Any advice much appreciated.


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Mosquito net (howl body)
Mosquito proof tent
Mosquito proof clothing
Mosquito proof constitution
Cody - on 07 Jul 2014
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Mosquitos aren't a problem anymore in September.

Public transport in/out of the mountains begins to shut down in mid September, so make sure you pay attention to schedules. Checkout: www.resrobot.se/ or http://www.ltnbd.se/ for bus and train travel info.

It will probably begin to snow by mid Sept, be be prepared for minus temperatures, especially if camping.

If not snowing, it will likely be raining.

If you head into Sarek, be prepared for some river crossings.

If you take a route requiring some boat crossings of lakes, be aware that some of the boats are pulled towards the end of Sept, so make sure not to get stuck between two lakes.

Most of the huts close around the 20th of Sept. But they usually have an emergency room that is left open that one can use. If you head into Norway, you will need a DNT hut key.

Here is a brief guide I've written about the northern section of the Kungsleden in Autumn. Basic info will be the same:

Skol on 07 Jul 2014
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Have a look at DNT trips and use their routes?
Niall B - on 08 Jul 2014
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Thanks all. Will report back when or if I go.

GarethSL on 09 Jul 2014
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High leg boots, it's flat and wet.

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