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Topic - Pillar Rock approach

jonny taylor on 23 Jul 2014
Went up to Pillar on sunday. God that was hard work in the humid heat! Lovely rock, but shame it's such a mission to get to. Would NOT recommend approach from Buttermere. Guidebook seemed to imply that might be 2 hours; took us three and we're normally pretty fast.

Anyway, we had real trouble getting up the hill to Pillar and was wondering if people could advise on the path situation. We approached via the footbridge at 176132 and continued straight up the faint path on the other side of the track, marked on OS and on Harveys map. This soon petered out and we were bashing through evil young conifers, fallen trees and rough ground. Never managed to pick up another path.

On the way down we descended the broad ridge to the west of the corrie, and that was also very much pathless although at the very end we picked up the reasonable if overgrown path contouring gently in from 169131.

There's a path marked on OS maps to the west of the stream, but I swear it was marked to the east on the Harveys map, and we didn't see any sign of either. Do they exist in any real way, and is it worth taking them if you are heading for the west face of Pillar?

Would appreciate any advice from people who know the place, though I'm not sure we're going to be back in a hurry! (Though reading past threads it sounds tempting to stay at Ennerdale YHA or camp at Robinsons Cairn if we drove all the way round to Langdale...) Would be nice to know a better way to approach (when it's not so hot!), as I thought the rock was great. (FRCC guide lists as "borrowdale volcanic" but it seemed very different to e.g. Shepherds, Troutdale etc, much more blistered, rippled and rough...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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